Change the world now or NEVER!!!

My Aims/Thoughts of life

  1. Stop arrange or court marriages between love couples, At least they can’t live separately, so no need to worry!
  2. Allow court marriages only for people who are unable to find their life partner by them as lover. Example: Marriages chosen by parents.
  3. Allow mutually agreed Incest live-in and kid Production based court marriages with low profile gene warning in committed couples who wants kids. There is no any harm in it. If you found a good and suitable person in your family then why searching in outer world? They are better knows you from birth. You always be happy with your family member as you live before. (All relatives are kind of incest). Many people living as same in all world and happy (search on google). They hiding it because of society not want to see anybody happy.
  4. Polygamy and Monogamy: After many studies, examinations, and surveys it’s proved that all humans are Polygamy by genes. Very few percent of people are acquired monogamy by its simplicity and by their personal family values. It’s the secret that why people have extra marital affaires in all world. So become open-minded and don’t suppress your inner feeling. You will never get ride from it. Also think what happens when two or more opposite sexes are fall in love with you? If you fall in love with many opposite sexes? Getting stuck? So simple, accept your love. There is nothing good than someone loves you very much. Respect  his/her. Remember , if Romeo and Juliette were die without mating; then think, how bad will be done when many Romeo or Juliette will be die,  just because you think monogamy is best? Yes, monogamy is good because it’s gave less chance to be infected with STDs only. If you knows, your lover is not infected then enjoy with group of your lovers, they will also help each others as family members with loyalty. Many persons are living as this lifestyle from ages, securely, happily and it’s allowed in many tribes too! Don’t be greedy and stop possessiveness, respect your partners inner feelings, which is driven by their genes. Love always want to see partner’s happiness. Give them! Search on internet for more information.
  5. Anti-kid Live-in: Remember, marriages are only for producing kids, especially male kid; as some low quality old people are greedy for their property. Males always want one or more male kids for take the rule of property  as heretical family seed and want to make a family history as family tree. By this, whenever male kid was not born from first wife then people doing more sex with new women and misbehaving with previous wife as the males are thinking that only women are responsible for giving birth of female child. How Rubbish men?! Please! Read a Zoology book.
  6. Many women are killing every second in all world (specially in India) for not producing male child and most of all girls are giving birth in early age and become dead on their child delivery. Also by this impact female embryos are killing in ovary by cheap doctors in India or another countries. The sex ratios are now misbalanced by lower level of females and higher level of males in India or may be in all world. So, if you love someone then love him/her but  don’t pull him/her in kids producing theory. Remember, many of girls became dead on the time of child birth and maybe, you will also lose your beloved by this stupidity. Don’t spoil your life for unknown reasons (as a football without goal post). Also do something for you, for your uncompleted dreams and make them true. Remember, this is only one attempt of life, become successful as many people done previously as Ratan Tata, Abul Kalam Ajaad, Anna Hajaare, Mahatma Gautam Buddh, Tulsi daas, Atal bihari Wajpayee etc.
  7. Anti-Familism: Do not help family members just because they are your family members. Treat them as another person or treat everyone as a family person, choose wisely and live well!
  8. Stop making piercing, tattoos, body marks by burning, cutting  etc. These are harmful for health and their impacts are also not psycho friendly for others. It’s insult of body too!
  9. Stop food sex, it’s very irritating and foods are only for eating, not playing, it’s insult of food too!
  10. Stop without confirmation based, balance deducting, one click ads from mobile websites. Anyone can click accidently and lose high amount of money. (Currently found in Indian mobile operators as Tata Docomo, Airtel, reliance, uninor, idea, vodafone, Aircel, MTS etc.)
  11. Feminism: Give same rights and lifestyle as boys to girls, same dressing sense, same haircut, same clothes, same education, same care, same work, same workout etc. Also stop all festivals and occasions which are showing girls are weaker than boys as Raksha bandhan, bhaai dooj, karwa chauth etc.
  12. Veganism: After all body structure examinations scientists found that human (homo sapiens-sapiens) is fully plant based food eater. So every animal object made from animal sources will be harmful for this mechanism. Also cruelty is well known hating lifestyle of the world. So become Vegan: Person who don’t eat, wear or use any animal product/by-product as meat, poultry, dairy products, sea foods (fish, prawns, crabs, oyster, octopus, snail, stonefish, star fish etc.) and uses of Corals, Pearls, Molluscs, Leather (or Fur), Entomological insect producing products (as lack insect for Lack, silk worm for Silk, honeybee for Honey, Bee Wax) etc.
  13. Stop Terrorism: Please promote initial ban on all religions which are promoting hate or even order to kill to non same religion people.  This is the main seed of terrorism.
  14. Atheism: Stop believing in useless beliefs as all God based religions like Hinduism, Islam, Christians, Jewish etc. and all statue or mark worshiping religions. Why? Because If someone Destroy Your God (Actually A statue, picture or Mark made by you or by an artist) you will certainly hurt very badly! It’s also killing the science as well as good people who made our new age of happiness and gave us knowledge, tricks, medical science; which is now as on the place of god, inventions; as money, healthy food, TV, Radio, Mobile Phone, LPG Gas, Airplane, Bicycle, Car, Watch Etc.) Please Stop believing in god and believe in yourself. Trust in your work/dream, fulfil them by smart works or please leave this machine age, go into forests (If they are present) and live with tribes; as they are still believing that God gave them food and kids without doing anything. So Rubbish! Nothing is free in this world, if you got then ready to pay back buddy!
  15. Nudism/Naturism: Are you wearing clothes in hot summer? Wearing clothes in true alone? Wearing clothes on front of your soul mate or any family member? Why? Without reason? That’s the problem dude! It does can be understood that we are showing off to poor people that they are lower than us but why in privet? It’s a sickness called clothes mania. Cure it buddy! Actually We hate our body, so we wear clothes, we hates other’s body so we forcefully says to wear clothes to others. Love as you are. Love as they are (if not in trouble). Don’t listen what other says, Listen your own soul, If you think you are bad in shape, still show to the world, if people care you, then they will told you to do work out or makeover. After this you would have enough willpower to do workout or makeover. It’s good for you.
  16. Train yourself: After many years of this sickness, our body’s metabolism became very weak to tolerate cold, and heat,  so we still can’t stay nude in all type of weather but when you start nudism you will feel your lost conditioning  (tolerating) power is coming back and probably (Depending on your body) after a year you can stay nude in Ice and on deserts too! Amazing! but true! Start with wearing less clothes as you can tolerate and stay progressive to nudism, except any serious situations as too cold, too rainy or too hot weather. Also stop spending money in costly wardrobe clothes, for only showing your status. Stop showing off! Remember, anyone can show off you back and that time you must be lower from them, stop stupidity, and become nudist! Just because you love yourself with your body, isn’t?
  17. Make a NGO to remove all “Anti-nudity in public- root less laws” from your country. Go nude in public and silently surrender when police came. Do it again and again. After some events, public will feel, there is nothing in harmful to be nude and they will help us to disable this law from country. After all we have right to live free, from clothes too!
  18. Equalize: Practically there is no any difference between adults and minors accept tiny body and age. Sometime minors are more intelligent than an adult. We can’t allow to do serious mistakes (as crime) by anyone. All ages are same because victim is hurt as same way in all aged criminal attacks. Minors are doing exact copy of adults, and they will be continue to do it in future, if they are living with adults (With mother, father etc.).
  19. Adults are misusing this rule (Minor Protection) as they are killing people by using kids army (in Africa), smuggling in all world, using as human shield by terrorists, children’s parents were convinced by this law as no one can serious with kids to give big punishment by law. Everywhere one law is same, “the law of self-defence”. I think it will be remain same after death of victim too! As we can serve every criminal as the same way of treatment or leave them all free to do crime again! Example: If a boy aged of 17 years, 11 months and 29 days, raped with a minor girl age of 13 years and killed her very badly, then this law will gave him a safe place to live as ‘Child Correction Home’ and do him safely free after he become an adult, it means only 1 day of punishment as living in a safe and homely place. Is it a right justice? Or we are really an educated fool? I think crime is crime and punishment is punishment. No partiality please!
  20. Allow same law for animals, kids and humans! (Only self-defence is the point of exemption of any law). Animals are same as us. We have no any right to use, hurt or eat them. Without the self defence.  If you think how we can stop animal abuse /meat/fur/dairy  industry, even people doing this from old ages then you need to worry about rapes and robbery because these are very old and normal from the old ages. Stop making excuses! Do some action. Join PeTA. No partiality Please!
  21. Make a organization for promote or control population in all countries, they can be provide facilities (as Semen Bank and ova Bank) for better mixing with the best germ plasma and can make good quality kids, also allow them to do all development in a eco friendly environment without contaminating by foreign, not qualified people from the outer population. It will be good for full corrector development of a human. (as they are not mingling with illiterate population of outside). It will be necessary to prepare mother of ‘project baby’ completely before pregnancy. As her breast milk is necessary for better brain development minimum for six months we need them minimum for this period. If it’s not possible to prepare or train the mother then when the baby will be ready for nursery then make sure he/she can’t meet with unprepared/untrained parents in awaken status (Except sleeping status). This organization will allow to be work only when population is lower than all economical sources.
  22. Stop VISA rule for travel or job in another countries, it’s a barrier for human unity. People are losing money in high amounts to taking VISA from agents and they are mostly cheating with innocent civilization. In some development countries as India, foreigners are not required to learn Hindi as the National Language of India but when an Indian want to go USA, it’s compulsory to learn read, write, speak and listen English. This is partiality!
  23. Allow one better, equal law for all worlds. Remove borders and make one world. One currency, equal for all. Currency conversion fee is like a loot by government after huge taxes. They make deferent currencies and people will be forced to pay for conversion. Also it’s very painful to become a viewer of a spoiling country and do nothing because only of shitty borders! Even every civilian want to leave or correct  their country but not able to do this. This is not freedom! Powerful countries are welcome to help spoiling countries.
  24. Destroy Cast System: No cast based or minority based reservation benefits in all world. Only needy people will be allowed to help. Cast System is made only for spreading hate and violence to show their maker’s powers. Also it’s necessary for everyone to be silent their surnames to make an equal atmosphere. Don’t ask and don’t tell anyone about cast. If asked, tell them you don’t believe in this shit.
  25. Stop Sexism: Make respect to all sexes. Sexes are as Male, Female, Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual, Trans-sexual (People who changed their sex physically and chemically) etc. They all are naturals, in anyway even by birth. None is responsible for it because we can’t change anybody’s body chemistry and natural psychology without their permission. It’s Natural inner feeling in them. Accept them as they are. If you don’t like any other sex rather than opposite sex then respectfully tell it to another person that you are not interested with any trans, gay or lesbian sexuality. Silence will be make them more curious about your interest.
  26. Females are not weaker than males in any way, If you think they are, then you might need to know, it’s only because they have no training as boys from birth by our shitty male domination based society and culture. So don’t abuse or bully them. Instead of it, Train them with same workout and training. Remember, in WWE and NBA women are a example that they can be even more powerful than males.
  27. Stop Racism: Make respect to all kind of races, never ask and never tell to anyone about it. Remember, they were their race by parents, by birth and none is responsible for it. Also, no all people are same as their race people as your mindset says they are. Don’t judge them by their race. Accept them as they are. They can be educated and good as you! Always behave with others as you like from them for yourself. Give good and take the same. Simple!
  28. Stop all types of insults/abuses: As with Female, child,  animal, lower cast, sex, race, weak, needy, poor, sick and handicapped person etc. Don’t take them lightly, Reports says these type of people are more powerful than normal person when challenged. Many examples are present on internet, YouTube etc. Respect them!
  29. Stop over or under estimation of any profession. All works are same. No any work is big or small, every work is necessary. Feel proud to know if anyone really hate small work then big works never will be done. Example: Big road makers, huge dams makers, Big sever Lines jammed with your shit Cleaner, Waste Cleaners, Salesman, Postman, Guard, Bouncer, Servants etc. are making our big works doing continue.  Thanks them and respect.
  30. Stop Colour of skin based hate: Remember, there is not any fault to get our skin colour and none can change their entire skin on your hate words or pleasant request  too! If you don’t tolerate their ugly face (If you think) then don’t face them directly but never felt them that you don’t like their face, body or colour because it’s your thinking  problem. They can’t change it and are not responsible for those factors. Accept people as they are from birth.
  31. Allow sex education from beginning of the education as an important subject to kids and don’t forward (Promote students) them into the next class, if they are still not gained full course for that year (It’s important). Reports found that every kid knows about sex (A common feeling to reproduction as every living creature) in their early ages (according to Sigmund Freud: A respected psychologist) but not knows about safe sex (Because nature not like to prevent reproduction) which is so necessary as we knows only humans are hurting by STD diseases and Over Population. Teach children that what is a good age (with Scientific facts) for sex and what is safe sex? Also teach them that what happens if they don’t learnt safe sex and ever do unsafe sex. If something is wrong in any mean, teach them ‘why wrong’. Teach them that never do force to anyone to do sex, do sex only with who is fully agreed with them and not infected with any STD or HIV. When Kids learnt that how dangerous is to fail with these precautions. After knowing about HIV and other diseases, he/she will never do sex with unknown person.
  32. Stop prays in education, it’s a stupidity! because all prays are anti-science based, which can be misguide students to prevent believing in science.
  33. Stop Censorship, especially sex based censorship; there is no any harm from it. Give freedom to express everyone. After all sex is also a right of all living things including humans. Do you know? Censor is the main reason for rape? How? Continue read to the end. Remember, Only kids are the persons who are doing touching, looking, sucking the female’s breast from ‘birth to adult’ naturally as they got mothers as we have (Sorry if you don’t have one).
  34. So why hiding breasts from media/film/books content? Hiding from minors? What the rubbish! Also breasts are not any type of reproduction organ, so censoring them from minors is a stupidity. In the reaction of, it will make more curious to kids about breasts of any female, who is hiding it from them. In result, they (boys) will do eve teasing with girls. They want to know that why now females are not showing them? In the curiosity to see and feel what’s new in it, they will do forcefully sexual assaults with girls.
  35. Why sexual assault? Because in the our stupid society, girls are less aware about their vagina and sex but fully trained to hide breasts, they don’t even knows about ‘what is the sex’ but when someone open their breasts then they automatically surrender, indirectly indicate what’s boy’s next target by hiding the vagina by hands (If I am wrong then why minors are becoming pregnant and also some are rapists? Without knowledge of sex? If they aware about sex then they will never become pregnant (by using contraceptive like condoms or pills). Also this act is a mother of a mindset that women are responsible for sexual assaults but they are saying to hide the breast which is future planning for more rapes. Don’t obey them, use your brain, there is many visible proofs to prove that all raped girls are well clothed at the time of rapes. That’s all happening only because women and media hiding breasts.
  36. Remember, in all old tribes, people are living nude (with reproductive organs exposed to all) from ages, securely. They don’t have condoms and even knowledge of any contraceptive of modern age but they know more about sex. Rather than this, their population is regulated.  Example: When something hidden from us we are feeling more curious about it but when all is revealed then we ignore it. It’s Simple as you close both hands and tell someone that which hand is full of money? She/he will be always be indicate to closed palm in hope of money because open palm is already empty. Only you knows that both hands are empty. Also in another example is that, when  we were saw a attractive person in smart clothes (specially opposite sex) then we create a hope that his/her figure are very sexy; but when we knows that this was a makeup, padding, silicone, effect of wardrobe management etc. then we hate these people. Remember, things which are not hidden we ignore them after some time.
  37. Please provide Free Higher education for all aged people. If not possible then why government  taking so high education tax?
  38. Please Include Mentalism, Swimming, Memory Techniques, Marshal Arts, Swimming, Survivor,  Illusion work, muscle reading and street magic in education subjects.
  39. Stop trend of job based scientist profession. Leave these ‘talented world making/changing people’ free and give them scholarship/fellowship for inspiration and promotion of better inventions. Remember, only these people makes this world worth worthy. I know very well that most of people not like scientists as they are not living a successful social life but at the other side of this, scientific inventions are essential need of the normal people which are available everywhere and you get them by shopping only. Organizations Don’t need to take ‘now a days’ too hard useless exams for scholarships. These people never become scientist by education if yes then every educated city will be a ‘scientist city’ but it’s never done by education. It’s done by curiosity. It’s enough only to ask about their ‘interest and thoughts based proposal’ and the ‘seriousness in this profession’ and promote them. It can be possible to ask them about spending of scholarship and it will be helpful to regulate money into serious or in not serious people. If they are not successful  to spend money in their projects then maybe they are serious but possibly they still not got an idea. So don’t hesitate to support them. If candidate allow to stop scholarship temporarily because of he/she not free at this time then it will be helpful to increase budget for another needy people.
  40. Anti-too good and anti-too bad attitude based lifestyle: Study successful and great people’s life, they are always living in a gray shade. Not too black and not too white lifestyle. Use Only if you want real success in your life as they got. Rest opposite thinkers can be go to forest or live a spiritual life.
  41. Anti-mindset lifestyle: Only universal truths are acceptable. Remains are unpredicted. Stop over or under estimate to people, you will always wrong if believe in estimation theory. Anyone can do anything. Read some multinational multi level marketing books and attend their meetings to learn the example.
  42. Allow lower tax and there is no need of politics. Make privet organizations (and gain success rate as PeTA) into every colony/village and provide all facilities by regular contribution similar as tax. Government taxes are only for defence area and for emergency help in a natural disaster.
  43. This list is still not completed, as I know none is perfect, but practice may be…   - Vegan Shubhanshu

Stop censorship